#24 | Uber: A mis-information story

Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:  This week we discuss California Proposition 22 now being the biggest funded ballot measure in history!  Four big tech firms have raised more than $180 Million towards passing Proposition 22.  A Berkley Poll shows 39% are in favor of Prop22, and 36% are opposed, meaning 25% are undecided... or are they simply confused on this ballot measure?  Uber Grocery Space venture "Coronershop" teams up with Grocery Giant WinnDixie, all based on NO track record in this space.  "Lyft sketches future for city streets with few cars", wait... Lyft?   New report from "UpWork", a platform connects freelancers to jobs, found 24% more people entered the gig-economy this summer than in past years.  Same study showed freelancers/gig workers now make up 59 million in the U.S.   San Francisco woman who dislocated hip and broke multiple bones is suing Uber for their jump bikes, based on their lack of having turn indicators, which city streets require!   Uber full time drivers in California only handle 25% of California Rideshare rides.  The Uber PR stunt of requiring passenger masks from 4 weeks ago went into effect this week, but again there are problems with its implementation.  Uber final London appeal, Uber won its right to operate in London, ... crazy!   Uber Autonomous has literally thrown away $2.5 Billion in the Autonomous Space, clearly an industry that Uber should NOT be in!

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