#70 | What Will It Take To Bring Rideshare Drivers Back?

Uber Lyft Drivers & Gig Economy Workers Weekly News:   This week I have John Wilkerson on the show to discuss when Rideshare drivers will return to the platforms, and what will it take to bring them back?

This week we cover:

  1. Jay Cutler/Uber Eats (masking).   
  2. Lack of driver PPE when most needed.   
  3. SAFETY Canceling because too many passengers, leaves drivers in dangerous situations.   
  4. With riders back in full, why are drivers not returning to the rideshare platforms.   
  5. Passenger fares are still way too high, drivers not seeing their cut.   
  6. Gig Worker Portable Benefits.    
  7. Autonomous reality check.   
  8. Is Uber marketing for its driver partners?   
  9. Lyft and Uber wasted their marketing money months ago.   
  10. Pandemic flip-flop Rideshare to Delivery, how will they bring back rideshare drivers.   
  11. Who will bring drivers back first, Uber or Lyft?

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This weeks guest John Wilkerson's "Ride Upstate" social links:

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